How to Access blocked website on Android !!!

How To Access Blocked Sites in Android Devices 

  • Web censorship has become a big issue for internet users today. It is usual for governments and ISP’s to block sites related to adult content and piracy, However it can’t be denied that most torrent sites today offer both pirated and free content as well that is not copyrighted.
  • So ultimately blocking websites is not the best solution as people who don’t intend to misuse pirated stuff will face a lot of problem. An example of this can be related to the blocking of several file sharing sites in the past few years.
  • Fortunately, there’s always workaround for accessing blocked website as long as its there on the internet. The most easiest method would be to make use of proxies and VPN’s. Unfortunately there There are too many free proxy and vpn services available today. Some of these offer their services for free while many others  offer paid services which come with additional features such as complete anonymity on the internet and much more.
  • With the increase in mobile phones and  mobile internet services, people have now taken to handheld devices for surfing the internet on the move. However, be it a PC or a handheld device, once a website is blocked, it can’t be accessed without the use of a VPN or proxy. For those of you who use their android devices to surf the internet, here’s how you can access blocked websites from your android device.
  • Here’s how you can use Hotspot Shield VPN to access blocked websites on your android device.


  1. Download Hotspot Shield Apk (Download link at the bottom of post).
  2. Install Hotspot Shield.
  3. Open Hotspot Shield.
  4. Click Connect button.
  5. After Successfully Connected now you can access all blocked websites on your android device.


Hotspot Shield VPN ELITE (9.1MB)

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