How to fix/repair Droid4x stuck in 99%,80%,81% on Windows 7,8,10

Method 1: (Tested By Me)

This Method Worked for me and many users but still, some user comment the problem was not solved so I found another solution to that problem, let me discuss it 😉

Method 2 : (Special Thanks to Custom Built Computers Australia)

  • This method tested on Windows 7 Ultimate x64.
  •  Uninstall Droid4X… Restart your PC.
  •  Wait for reboot and run “CMD” as administrator.
  • Copy and paste this command into CMD and click enter:

 “bcdedit.exe -set loadoptions

  • Then, copy and paste this into CMD and click enter:

“bcdedit.exe -set TESTSIGNING OFF”

  •  After you’ve done that type “exit” and click enter. This will close CMD.
  •  Reboot your computer once more and reinstall Droid4X and it should work 🙂

Method 3 :

  • Stop at 80%, you can do following:
  • Reboot the computer and try to start Droid4x.
  • First close all your security software then start Droid4x.
  • If your RAM memory is less than 4GB, please change the ram to 1024MB or less.
  • If it doesn’t work by above methods, please use following system repair tool.

Method 4 :

In this method, we are going to restore default configuration of windows operating system by using Tweaking Pro.Tweaking Pro is one of the best windows repair tool in the world.The download link of Tweaking Pro is here.(comment if serial key not work)

Steps :

  • Download and install windows Repair tool from here
  • Open Windows Repair Tool
  • Go to Repair Tab
Do not modify the configuration of software except that you know it very well.
Before repairing, close all the security software in your system, please.
  • Before Start Repair Check “Automatically Do a Register Backup” is checked or not.if it not checked and then Check it.
  • Now click “Open Repairs” button
  • Repairing choices on the left of the tool. If you don’t know it well. To be default is ok.
  • Restart PC/Laptop — open Droid4x now

Still Droid4x stuck on 80% then comment below and send error screenshot with your system configuration details to this mail or send it through Whatsapp +91 9894963626 we will find another best solution for that..

Bye friends. Please share the post as it will help us to grow.

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